Death by flurries

Natalie and 10,000 Maniacs play in the speakers. Many spins this CD has spun through the years in my collection. Natalie Merchant. Such a beautiful voice. Her lyrics land like lullabies, fall softly on the soul like snowflakes outside my window. Love female voices. Emmylou Harris. Aimee Mann. Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift. Dolly Parton. LocalContinue reading “Death by flurries”

Anger is vomit

So. Recovery. Quiet Friday. Finished a Veterans Day story. Finished a story on Jean Seberg, a favorite topic. Seberg. Tragic story. Never trust the government with unlimited power. Ever. Veterans story is on women who served in three different generations. Proud of it. Got huge assist from Iowa Veterans Perspective. Run by a dynamo namedContinue reading “Anger is vomit”


Saturday was quiet. I like it that way. The struggle to resolve the distance between emotional reaction and rational thought takes so much energy. I stop on Saturdays. I tried to watch college football. I fell asleep during the Southern Methodist game against the Memphis Tigers. My friend Paul, the accountant, lives in Memphis. IContinue reading “Saturdays”

Compulsive Outrage Disorder

My friend Bill McClellan, a semi-retired columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, often described people living in this aggressive and angry time as suffering from “compulsive outrage disorder.” I don’t think that is listed in DSM-5, but it feels like an accurate description of the country’s conversational ethos at present. Recently, my boss at theContinue reading “Compulsive Outrage Disorder”


The 1991 NBA Finals pitted the Chicago Bulls against the Los Angeles Lakers. Superstar Michael Jordan at last made the championship round against the Lakers, the most successful franchise of the 1980s. The Lakers were still led by point guard Magic Johnson and forward James Worthy, but center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had retired, replaced in theContinue reading “Shouts”

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