Am I better? Yes. But not enough.

Oh damnit. I went to the doctor Tuesday. The wheeze remains in my lungs. “It’s better,” she said. “I don’t love it.” My biggest gripe is complete absence of energy. One simple task wipes me out, drenched me with sweat and leaves my lungs to gasp. The doctor ordered up some physical therapy. I pickedContinue reading “Am I better? Yes. But not enough.”

Pneumonia, Day 10

Lungs. Need them back. Fully functional, please. Wheeze-free, please. Yes. Lord, above all else, no more damn wheeze. Life on pneumonia reduces all actions by half. It’s like playing a board game where your movements are controlled by the roll of dice and you hit a two every damn time. Walk to bathroom. Pause. CoughingContinue reading “Pneumonia, Day 10”

Further complaints about illness and mortality

Illness invites thoughts of atrophy. I’ve been sick for a week. That’s the second round of incapacitating illness I’ve suffered this year. Both attacked my lungs, hardly the strongest piece of latticework in my body — a structure that is already not up to code. This hacking, wheezing festival began Monday and intensified as theContinue reading “Further complaints about illness and mortality”

All the savage things

Red and white police lights swept across the otherwise dark houses on the southeast side house where three teenage boys were shot and killed. Only a blue TV light in the upstairs window and a yellow light at the front door shown from the house where they died sometime hours earlier. An cop guarded theContinue reading “All the savage things”

That same old song

I used to tell this joke. It wasn’t funny because I was too serious. I said it with anger. People laughed. Maybe I sounded funny, but I seethed secretly. Anyway, here’s the joke: If I die early, don’t play “Amazing Grace.” I heard that song too many times at my parents’ funerals. I wanted aContinue reading “That same old song”

I’m having writer’s block even though I don’t believe in writer’s block for the sake of irony, I guess

Writer’s block. I don’t believe in it. Writer’s block is an affectation allowed people who already have a few successful novels and enough money in the bank to worry about perfection. I am a workaday, ink-stained ragamuffin. I sling sentences and stack paragraphs. I try to make them good. I strive for clear, concise andContinue reading “I’m having writer’s block even though I don’t believe in writer’s block for the sake of irony, I guess”

That horribly cliched post about 10 things I learned in the 2010s

I started to write the year-in-review, decade-in-review post. I stopped. Why? 1. Cliche. I hate cliche. 2. Who cares? I lived. I learned. I succeeded. I failed. Everything in between. This reflection on personal history is only valuable if you can take lessons from it to live more at ease in the next day. Otherwise,Continue reading “That horribly cliched post about 10 things I learned in the 2010s”

Random stacks of paragraphs about being bloated, de-carbonated and probioticated

Ugh. Doc says avoid carbonation. Try probiotic. Been bloated, water retention. Grr. Favorite thing: Pop. Drink too much? Of course. Still. I want. Had one today. Rest was iced tea. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Drink water. I do. I drink a gallon of it when I go to the gym. An actual gallon. And I’mContinue reading “Random stacks of paragraphs about being bloated, de-carbonated and probioticated”

More meandering babble about football, depression and ‘Rick and Morty’

Sunday football. Bears off. Patriots lost. Rams and Seahawks the night game. No skin. Except … Pete Carroll. Strong distaste for him. Coached USC program rife with corruption. Reggie Bush has to give back Heisman. Carroll goes to NFL to make millions. This is humanity. It is not a question of if we are beingContinue reading “More meandering babble about football, depression and ‘Rick and Morty’”

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