Saturday was quiet. I like it that way. The struggle to resolve the distance between emotional reaction and rational thought takes so much energy. I stop on Saturdays. I tried to watch college football. I fell asleep during the Southern Methodist game against the Memphis Tigers. My friend Paul, the accountant, lives in Memphis. IContinue reading “Saturdays”


The 1991 NBA Finals pitted the Chicago Bulls against the Los Angeles Lakers. Superstar Michael Jordan at last made the championship round against the Lakers, the most successful franchise of the 1980s. The Lakers were still led by point guard Magic Johnson and forward James Worthy, but center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had retired, replaced in theContinue reading “Shouts”


Thursday was World Mental Health Day. That’s nice. I support things, even Twitter hashtags, that keep the conversation fresh about mental health. I did not do much for the day. I retweeted an old column from this summer and sent another tweet on the topic. I have either a cold or the flu coming on.Continue reading “#WorldMentalHealthDay”

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