Let’s talk movies, comic books and other things people don’t read because it’s not about my angst and suffering (and a little bit of angst and suffering at the end)

Movie: “Knives Out.” Outstanding. Little faith in director Rian Johnson after horrible “Last Jedi” movie.

Yeah. I know. Fashionable to say it’s the best “Star Wars” movie. Highbrows say “Last Jedi” inverts the premise, tries new things. Shows the flaws in characters. Other film school babble.

I say nobody goes to a “Star Wars” movie to Luke Skywalker drink green milk from a nipple and be a wuss the who film. But let’s not get into that here.

“Knives Out” is Johnson’s redemption. Classic parlor scene movie in the vein of Agatha Christie. Superb cast all tearing off pieces of scenery and gobbling it up with crisp, funny dialogue and twists that don’t feel contrived.

Comics: Really enjoyed first collection of “Savage Avengers.” Funny. Violent. Good use of all characters.

More comics: Love Al Ewing’s “Immortal Hulk,” but last story took me a place I didn’t expect. Could be good. Could be “The Last Jedi.”

Angst and suffering: Go cortisone shots in knees. Feels good at first. Then lidocaine wears off. Soreness hit in first act of movie.

Weight stagnant. Not losing. Not gaining. Could be water retention. Discoloration and swelling in legs not to worry about. Two doctors tell me that.

Still, walking in to the movie and we a chore. Felt bad for Kathie O having to listen to me wheeze.

Still. Walked 1.5 miles. Not all at once. Plenty of back pain. But muscles relaxed at movie.

So. Moved more. Victory.

With love and hope, dpf

Published by Daniel P. Finney

Daniel P. Finney is a professional paragraph stacker who grew up in Winterset and Des Moines, Iowa. The local newspaper paid him $25 for his first story when he was 17. He has typed for cash ever since. He is a flawed human trying to be a little less Incredible Hulk and a little more Mr. Rogers.

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